Dayramir Gonzalez

He was already a star when he moved to the States 10 years ago with 3 Cubadisco awards for his album Habana enTRANCÉ. He has a mentor and champion in Chucho Valdes who selected him to headline and represent the generation of young Cuban jazz pianists in Carnegie Hall's 'Voices of Latin America' series. In 2010 he became Berklee College of Music's first Cuban national to receive its coveted Presidential Scholarship where Dayramir graduated summa cum laude in 2013.

After winning three Cubadisco awards in 2007 for his debut album "Dayramir & Habana enTRANCé," Yamaha Artist from Havana, Cuba, Dayramir releases his latest album "The Grand Concourse" in New York City, where the inspiration of its title comes from.

Starting his professional career as a pianist and composer with former Irakere member, Oscar Valdes’ Afro-Cuban jazz ensemble Diákara at the age of 16, Dayramir’s accomplishments only continue to impress. Since winning Havana’s JoJazz festival in 2004 and 2005, Dayramir has gone from winning three Cubadisco awards for his 2007 debut album “Dayramir & Habana enTRANCé” to becoming Berklee College of Music’s first Cuban national “Presidential Scholarship" recipient to performing in 15,000-seat stadiums with legends like Chucho and Bebo Valdes and headlining Carnegie Hall, representing the young generation of Afro-Cuban jazz. The culmination of his journey as a young Havana-native continuing and bringing the Afro-Cuban music legacy to New York is synthesized in his latest album “The Grand Concourse,” a name inspired by the thoroughfare that runs through the Bronx and a concept that reflects the uncommonly dynamic range of its pieces from the pulsating West African bass motif found in Situaciones en 12/8 to Sencillez’s contemporary take on the classical Cuban tradition of the late 19th century to the haunting orchestral jazz ballad of Blood Brothers. Dayramir is making his mark as a leading international composer, orchestrator, bandleader and pianist.

dayramir gonzalez was honored to be invited to perform and present his unique ensemble, he New York/Cuba Collection. Click here to learn more

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I would like to thank the Arts and Cultural Bridge Foundation for supporting me in my career and for continuing to grow the bridges between Cuba and the U.S. Two of the strongest cultural potencies that should never have separated.
- Dayramir Gonzalez

Dayramir Gonzalez
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he New York/Cuba Collective consisted of James Robbins on bass, Tiago Michelin on drums, Taka Nikaido on percussion and two special guests: saxophonist and educator Chad Lefkowitz-Brown and maestro Aaron Goldberg on piano/keys
 Dayramir Gonzalez held master classes at the Guillermo Tomas Music School, Havana. Dayramir Gonzalez with band members at the Teatro Nacional de Cuba concert, Havana.
Dayramir Gonzalez with band members after his concert at La Tropical, Havana.
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